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Friends of Fathom Five and Friends of Bruce Peninsula
Tobermory, Ontario

“...people of Bruce have reason to be proud of what has been established since those early settlers laid the sure foundations.  Through the arches of the years, the story is magnificent.“                                                            (historian Norman McLeod – 1968)

Offered in the fall, the Heritage Fair is your opportunity to learn more about Tobermory and her people, past and present.  Fair activities include –  Exhibits and Displays, guided walks,  old photo collections, Oral History and various workshops.   Full details of the program will be available by Labour Day through this website. Contact us at for more information.

The fair is based in Tobermory at the Parks Canada Visitor Centre off Highway #6 at 120 Chi Sin Tib Dek road.

The cost is determined annually and does not include the Visitor Centre Entry Fee. Participants are responsible for paying the Parks Canada entry fee if they wish to see the Gallery or climb the tower  (unless you have already obtained your Annual Park Pass). 

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